• Does the thought of doing social media fill you with dread?
  • Do you avoid posting updates, even though you have incredible properties to showcase?
  • Do you postpone sharing sales, even though you should be celebrating?
  • Do you find yourself wondering where to start?
  • Does it feel like a waste of time?
  • Does it feel like everything in social media changes so fast, you can’t keep up?

It’s true…digital marketing moves at a lightning pace and without a strategic plan to maximize the medium, you’re basically throwing your money into the wind. So back to the old bulk mailbox drop right?

Wrong. Stop throwing money at Canada Post. Your dollars and your business can soar online.

Thinking you've tried this before?

Maybe you’ve already tried a few digital marketing tactics with a marketing consultant or agency in the past.

But after all the money you spent on ads…

And all the time-consuming back and forth…

Nothing. No leads. No sales.

And now you’re feeling like it might just have been a money grab.  You’ll take face-to-face over online any day.

Why would someone who specializes in building relationships and trust through one-to-one interactions want to rely on social media to win clients, when the old fashioned way is reliable and familiar?

Because it works. And the Nimble Agent will show you how.

Cost Effective
Rain leads
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Real results
Drive Business


The Nimble Agent was born from the need for simple, scalable digital marketing strategies for real estate agents who know how to convert, but fall down on allocating the time & effort needed to generate leads.

  • You don’t know what social media channels are best for real estate
  • You don’t have time to learn all the ins and outs on your own
  • You don’t have the money to spend on ads that you aren’t sure will work

The Nimble Agent team is here to guide you through the creation and execution of a strategic, cost-effective digital marketing plan.

Real results. Really fast.

We’ll make it rain leads.

See a Real Impact

Our deep domain expertise, tactical skill, and professional passion ensure that our clients succeed.

It all starts with a conversation. Find out how we can help you grow your business while you focus on what you do best.

About Kara

Kara McMaster – Chief Digital Strategist

“I have brought in thousand of leads for realtors & brokerages that I work with all through social media. Let me show you how we do that.”
  • Marketing certifications
  • Real estate marketing certification

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