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5 Tips to Create Killer Online Real Estate Ads

As a real estate agent, you know that advertising your business is key to getting new clients. Facebook ad campaigns are an effective and easy way to reach your key audience with their micro-targeting feature. Essentially, you can create killer online real estate ads, then specify who you want to see them.

We won’t talk about the mechanics of the Ads Manager in this post. Rather, we’ll tell you exactly how to craft an ad that will bring in those clients–from the hook to the creative! Here are our top 5 tips to help you create killer online real estate ads – and get more clients.

1. Use a hook

You don’t have to be trained in copywriting to know that an ad needs to grab the audience’s attention from the first glance. An effective hook will prompt the user to stop scrolling. Depending on what your campaign objective is, your hook can:

  • Ask a question (Thinking about selling your home?)
  • Make a statement (Attention [location xyz] homeowners!)
  • Be an announcement (Listing alert!)

Don’t forget to use emojis! They are entertaining and can help your reader to visualize your copy. Think about this: if you were on Facebook, what would make you stop scrolling? What would a killer real estate ad look like on your newsfeed?

2. The creative needs to POP

The “creative” of your ad is your image(s), video, slideshow, etc. It’s the visual aspect to support the copy, and should be striking and memorable for the user. It’s best not to use stock photos here. Your audience can tell that it’s stock and probably won’t engage with your ad. We highly recommend hiring a designer for the creative assets of your ads, but if that isn’t possible, tools like Canva or Snappa will allow you to create professional-looking designs.

Consider colours, too! Remember in primary school when you learned about the colour wheel? It’s time to put that knowledge to use! Complementary colours like blue/orange, purple/yellow, and red/green look great together. Analogous colours sit next to each other on the colour wheel and also look great together, but need accent colours like white or black. Knowing your colour wheel is an important part of the creative process!

3. Use a free offer to draw attention to your ad

We all love free stuff! Think of this as a free sample. This is your call-to-action! To get you started, a downloadable PDF with available homes in your area, or a definitive guide to buying a home in your area both work well. Be sure to use language like “click here for my xyz guide!” or “download your FREE PDF below!” If you need more ideas for your free offer, check out this blog post. Once you’ve decided on a free offer, you’re ready for tip #4.

4. Use a Facebook lead form to collect your prospective clients’ information

A Facebook lead form is an easy way to collect the contact information of people getting your free offer. Before they are able to download it, they have to pop in their name, email address and phone number. Then all you have to do is follow up with your new prospective clients!  

5. Track clicks, revise your ad, and try again!

The Ads Manager will allow you to track the reach, engagement and clicks on your ad. If your ad doesn’t perform well, try revising the hook, copy, or creative. You can also change up the target audience, or broaden it if it didn’t reach many people. If you’re just starting out, you might try running a number of ads with small audiences and budgets. Then, pick the one that performs the best and invest in that one.

If this is all sounding like way too much to take on, we have you covered. The Nimble Agent is a digital marketing program specifically designed for real estate agents. We take our proven marketing strategies and apply them to our real estate clients’ online presence. The Nimble Agent helps realtors capture new clients with effective digital marketing strategies.

The Nimble Agent team will guide you through the creation AND execution of a strategic, cost-effective digital marketing plan so you can take your real estate business to the next level. Set up a no-obligation Discovery Call with Chief Digital Strategist Kara McMaster here: https://thenimbleagentprogram.ca/link-book-tna  

Author: kara@mcmasterdigital.com