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How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile for Real Estate Agents

It’s important that you use the most valuable piece of real estate you own on Instagram (your profile photo and caption) to show off what areas you service, what kind of real estate you sell (ie. commercial, luxury) and the best email and phone number for prospects to be able to reach you.

The whole point of posting and keeping a presence on the platform is to catch someone’s eye and entice them to click back over to your website. We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 ways we will optimize a realtor’s profile to bring in the most leads from their social media.

1. Get rid of the logo as your profile photo

A lot of brands do use their company logo as their profile photo, but why not put those expensive lifestyle and head shots to good use?

You already know the importance of attaching your finest mug shut to your marketing pieces, why stop at Instagram?

You want your prospects to be able to recognize you straight away.

2. Switch to a business account

You can’t access all the analytics available from a personal account. A business account grants access to a whole suite of analytics that will give you real data as to when your followers are seeing your content, what they tend to engage with most, and most of all, where they are located.

3. Optimize your caption

It should be a no brainer that you include the areas in which you service be clear in the (insert characters) allowed.  It’s also an opportunity to showcase awards or accreditations you have recently won. Show prospects why you are the best to work within your area.

4. Include a real estate keyword in your name

Instagram users can also search for keywords within the platform. Even if your username doesn’t contain the keyword, people can still find you through the keyword in your name. For example, John Doe | Miami Realtor

To change your name, use a desktop browser and click on the gear symbol to edit the profile. In the name field, enter your new and optimized keyword name. To add a little IG flair, use a house emoji in between your name and real estate keyword.

5. Add a call to action to your latest offer

Do you have a lead magnet that pulls in seller leads like no tomorrow? Try testing out various CTA’s that entice the visitor to click on the link. Try some of these out:

  • Download a list of available vacation homes in Whistler
  • Download our guide to zoning and bylaws for using air bnb in Toronto

6. Use emojis to do with real estate ? and line breaks

Instagram is a social place, and users love their emojis. Every social media platform deserves content that is tailored to that platform if you truly want to maximize your engagement.

Using all the points above to create your perfect profile bio and include emojis that focus the follower’s attention to where you want it most:

The next step in this point is to include line breaks in your profile so that you can make it easily scannable. If you just include the line breaks when editing your profile, in the app, sometimes it has a habit of removing your line breaks. If this is happening to you, simply open up the Facebook app on your phone, create a status update on your profile with your desired emojis and line breaks (don’t hit post, we’re just doing this to set the line breaks), then copy the entire text in the status and paste straight into your Instagram profile.

7. Use the featured stories to showcase your current listings

Another piece of valuable real estate that you need to be utilizing. This will bring further attention to your current listings, open houses or events that you may be putting on. We’ll often use this to showcase the current listings for our agents and brokerages.

The Instagram stories format is really for showing those behind the scene style of content. This is a great opportunity to do a quick video, vertical of course, and tour through the home. A few pro tips for your Instagram stories:

  • Caption each story with one of these 3 elements:
    • The address of the home
    • The asking price
    • #of bedrooms or any unique selling propositions

The idea here is to always provide context to the person watching your stories to know right away what you are talking about.

Instagram Loves Change

Instagram thrives on change and is a signal that you are a real persona using the platform for good.

We suggest doing a mini-audit of your profile and caption at least once a month. Change up the caption, change up your featured link and check in on your featured stories that require updates.

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Author: kara@mcmasterdigital.com