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Our 5 Favourite Real Estate Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2019

We’re seeing more and more leads come in through our clients Instagram accounts. The platform was long thought to be a place for food and fashion but is quickly showing its value for all kinds of other industries.

It should come at no surprise that real estate instagram accounts are gaining lots of traction.

We thought we would round up our favourite real estate instagram accounts so you can get some inspo!

The Laughing Realtor – @laughing_realtor

The long days and long nights will require some light reading or perusing we shall say.

Check out all the memes that a real estate agent is sure to relate too.

Zillow @zillow

Love them or hate them, they have a pretty impressive Instagram feed.

We love this feed especially for their copy and description they use for listings.


Leader of Team BC Real Estate, who also has an impressive following on Youtube as well! Check out Bryan’s account for a little agent motivation. He’s got tips on getting the job done. Bryan gives a more in depth look to his day-to-day, which we want to highlight! Remember, keep it social, it can’t be all business, all the time.


Jaw dropping, luxury properties for sale across the globe.

Whether you’re inspired to sell more or their use of composition in their property photos, this account is a must follow!


Follow along the glam that makes up Miami, it’s pro athletes and celebrities who can afford these beachfront condos.

Another thing to note – is his teams consistent engagement with people commenting. Take the time and write back to people who leave a comment on your photo!

We’ve linked each other accounts above, so you can easily add these into your followers on Instagram.

Is there an instagram account we should be following?

What about your account? Drop it in the comments below so our team and our readers can follow along!

Author: kara@mcmasterdigital.com